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Following the District grading scale, CVHS students will receive A, B, or Passing grades for courses with grades posted in the 4th quarter as follows:

A = 85 to 100%
B = 70 to 84%
P = 45 to 69%

Students earning below 45% will not earn credit.

Competency-based testing (test-out exams) will also be graded on the above scale for passing grades.

To earn credit, CVHS students must:

  • Complete all modules in a course
  • Complete proctored test in a course

NOTE:  Driver’s Ed is an exception which requires a student to earn at least 70% to earn credit and will use the grading scale above (P is not an option).

Students or parents at the high school level who are concerned about scholarships, NCAA eligibility, concurrent enrollment classes, or college admission requirements are encouraged to consult a school counselor or administrator.

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