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We love questions!  Here’s a list of our most frequently asked questions and our answers.  We hope you find the list of questions helpful! If you can’t find a question or an answer, feel free to reach out to us directly. No matter the contact method, we’ll route your question or comment to the right place and respond promptly.

What grading scale does CVHS use?

CVHS uses a standard grading scale.  The scale is shown below:

Who can take classes at CVHS?

Canyons Virtual High School courses are available to all Utah high school students enrolled in grades 9-12.  In addition, Utah students can enroll in the summer after completion of their 8th grade year.

How many credits can I earn through the Canyons Virtual High School? 

Students may take up to six (6) full credits (24 courses) per year of online coursework as part of their high school schedule. In addition, students may only take two (2) courses at a given time, but can add more courses as they complete courses.  In most cases, students cannot register for two courses (quarters) of the same subject at the same time (ie, Math Q1 and Math Q2). In some cases, participating students may be asked to drop one or more traditional courses to “make room” for an online course in the student’s already full schedule.

These online credits replace six credits students would earn in a traditional high school classroom. However, students who have established a plan with their counselors to graduate early may be able to take more than six credits. Please consult your school counselor for more information.

How much do classes cost?

Canyons Virtual High School classes are free of charge to all Utah High School students who take no more credits in a semester than they would earn by taking a full course load during a regular school day.

I’ve missed some credits in high school. Can I make them up here?

Yes, of course! Canyons Virtual High School courses are designed to replace courses you normally would take at school, even if you are carrying a full course load during the regular school day. Students who choose to complete courses through CVHS may register for up to two (2) courses at any one given time. Once any of the two courses have been completed or dropped from the student’s schedule, additional courses may be taken.

How long can I take to finish a course?

CVHS courses have been designed for students to complete in 10 weeks or less (about 30-40 hours per quarter credit course). However, students are able to set their own schedules and work at their own pace. All students are urged to complete their course(s) as soon as quickly as possible in order to meet graduation deadlines and to receive full instructor support.  Check the CVHS Calendar for beginning and ending dates for the school year.

Can I move quickly through the course? 

Yes! Students set their own pace at Canyons Virtual High School as long as students make significant weekly progress.  Some courses have minimum completion times due to projects and logs that have required time frames.

Where do I take my tests?

Most tests can be taken wherever you have access to a computer and Internet connection.  However, each course has one proctored test, which requires students to come to a proctored testing location to take that proctored test.  Proctored tests help verify the authenticity of student work.  It is recommended that the student take the proctored test when it comes up in the course, but if needed, the student can move past the proctored test and take it when their schedule permits.  The proctored test is required to receive course credit. For more information, visit the Proctored Testing section of our website: General Testing Information, Proctored Testing Locations, and Testing Days and Times.

What does “significant weekly progress” mean?

Significant weekly progress means (1) logging into each course each week; and (2) completing at least one new learning activity in each course each week.  If these two conditions are not met by students, their courses will be inactivated or withdrawn.  Students run the risk of losing any completed work.

What if I get stuck and need help? 

Each course has a certified, secondary education teacher who is available outside of school hours. Students will hear from these teachers regularly through email and course announcements.  Students can email their teachers with questions or set up a time to meet with the teacher before or after school if necessary.

If students are experiencing technical or access issues, students can submit a “Help Ticket,” through their CVHS registration account.

How do I sign up?

First, you need to decide what courses and the credit type you need. CVHS offers original, credit recovery, and test out credits. Here is more information about courses offered and credit types. Please discuss taking course with your parents and your high school counselor.  Courses you take need to be a part of your Course Credit Acknowledgement (CCA).

The next steps are different based on if the student is a current Canyons District student or an out-of-district student.

Current CVHS and Existing Canyons School District Students:

➤ Please click here to create a registration account, or to login and add courses to your account. Use your current CSD username and password to log in–it’s the same username and password you use to access Skyward.

NOTE:  If your username and login do not work, please call us at 801-826-5220. Do not create a duplicate account–both accounts will be disabled.

New Out-of-District Students:

If you are not a current Canyons District student, you must create an account with Statewide Online Education Program (SEATs) registration AND create an account with CVHS.  For more information about online registration process, visit our Registration page.

1.  Please click here to create your SEATs registration account (required)

2.  Please click here to create your CVHS registration account (required)

3.  Please click here to add courses or to login after you receive your login information by email

How soon can I start? 

The CVHS calendar shows the current registration periods.  It’s important to know that the registration process may take a few days to complete.  Be sure to check your Canyons District email and other email accounts provided at registration for login credentials.

If enrolling under the SOEP program, then please note that SOEP requires that students sign up for classes no later than the first 10 days of the term, unless the student does not have a full class schedule at his or her high school. Students with less than a full schedule can add online courses at any time. Additionally, students enrolled as home schooled can register anytime.  Be sure to request your course(s) through the SEATS website as well as the CVHS registration site.

If a course requires a proctored test, where and when can I take that test?

All of our courses require a test that is a proctored, which means the test must be taken in-person and supervised by an authorized proctor. The proctored test is required to receive course credit. For more information, visit the Proctored Testing section of our website: General Testing Information, Proctored Testing Locations, and Testing Days and Times.  If you live more than 35 miles from the nearest testing center, contact our office for the virtual testing option.but

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