About CVHS

Canyons Virtual High School (CVHS) is a year-round, online program dedicated to serving students within the Canyons School District, and elsewhere throughout the state of Utah. During the 2016-17 school year, students may take up to six (6) full credits of online courses as part of their complete high school schedule. In some cases, participating students may be asked to drop one or more traditional courses to “make room” for an online course in the student’s already-full schedule.

What curriculum does CVHS use?

For most of its courses, CVHS uses Pearson's GradPoint, from within the Brainhoney LMS. Additionally, an increasing number of courses are also being offered from within Canvas. CVHS courses in Gradpoint and Canvas provide easy-to-use and comprehensive online learning opportunities that help students to develop the skills they need to succeed in high school, college, and beyond.

Additionally, our courses give students the power to truly personalize learning with exceptional curriculum aligned to Utah State and Common Core Standards, and are built following instructional design best practices that incorporate video, live and virtual labs, interactive activities, immediate feedback, and assessments to ensure mastery and authentic work. Highly qualified Canyons District teachers provide feedback and academic support via email and telephone, as well as face-to-face and virtual meetings.

Vision: Purpose & Philosophy

CVHS provides personalized, flexible, and engaging online learning opportunities to help students throughout Utah succeed and prepare for college and career.

What are our beliefs about online learning?

We believe the online learning experience should:
  • provide an avenue for students to recover missed instruction or accelerate their learning with a comprehensive catalog of
  • personalize learning which allows for students to progress at their own pace anywhere and anytime with the support of highly qualified teachers.
  • contain high caliber curriculum aligned to state standards and district pacing guides.
  • be engaging, intuitive, and easy to use.
  • enable students with an opportunity to demonstrate integrity in course work.
  • use assessments as an avenue to maintain course integrity.

How do we ensure that our courses match our school purpose, values, and beliefs?

  • Ongoing teacher professional development focuses on best practices with online learning.
  • We evaluate teacher practice through student and parent surveys, communication between students and teachers, and supervision evaluations.
  • Each course has an introductory module that helps students to be successful online.

What are our expectations for online learning?

  • Students are engaged in active learning, not passive.
  • Courses are personalized through pacing, teacher availability, etc.
  • Communication is regular and feedback is meaningful.
  • Students complete coursework every week.
  • Students are expected to contact instructors when questions or concerns arise.  Instructors will be timely in their responses.
  • Online instructors are of the highest quality and are personable and friendly in all communication with students, parents, and CVHS faculty.

What are our course methodologies (rules for regulating our online courses)?

  • Quizzes allow notes and multiple attempts.
  • Proctored finals demonstrate knowledge.
  • Assignments are varied in format and function (discussion, written assignments, presentations).