Academic Integrity Policy

Students are expected to complete all CVHS course work with “academic integrity.” Academic integrity focuses on honesty, trust, fairness, respect, and responsibility. Students should complete all coursework in a manner that embodies these values and promotes hard work and honest effort. A violation of the CVHS academic integrity policy is considered academic misconduct. 

Academic misconduct includes:
  • Completing coursework for another person.
  • Allowing coursework to be completed by another person.
  • Plagiarizing coursework from another person and submitting as own work.
  • Using the internet to search for quiz & test answers.
  • Maliciously submitting incomplete work.
Academic misconduct falsifies your understandings and undermines an ability to determine how well you're doing in the course. Such misconduct may result in a lower course overall grade, expulsion from the course, and the possibility of disqualification of future CVHS course enrollments.
  • Using the internet to search for quiz & test answers.
  • Knowingly submitting incomplete work. Resubmissions will be deducted 25%.