Course Fees & Fee Waiver Information

The Statewide Online Education Program (SOEP) dictates that each year, all Utah students may replace up to six of their traditional, face-to-face course credits with six course credits earned online. 

There is no cost if:
  • You are taking CVHS courses as part of your full-day enrollment to replace one of your daytime courses.
  • You are registered for a CVHS Education release period during the day.
  • You are enrolled in a lab during the day to work on original credit coursework.
  • Your high school has a lab class period in which you are enrolled specifically for CVHS courses.
  • You have a fee waiver for your other school fees.

There is a fee if:
  • You are taking courses in addition to your full schedule
  • You are taking courses during the summer.
Before imposing any fees for CVHS course registration, the CVHS Main Office and registration system will verify whether or not fee waiver notices have been recorded in Skyward for the requesting student.