Course Fees & Fee Waiver Information

The Statewide Online Education Program (SOEP) dictates that all Utah students may replace – without charge – up to six of their traditional, face-to-face course credits with six original course credits earned online. When this happens, Canyons students should first be registered in Skyward for a CVHS Release period as a part of their full course load. Therefore, when students adhere to SOEP specifications to replace face-to-face course credits with original CVHS course credits, they are not assessed additional course fees. Nevertheless, there are times when fees may apply to CVHS course enrollment.

Make-up Credit Typically Costs $35 per Quarter Credit

In accordance with the Board of Education-approved collection of fees for all make-up credit, Canyons Virtual High School assesses a $35 per quarter credit registration fee when students indicate that courses are taken for credit recovery.

CVHS Make-up Credit Fees May Be Waived

While policy requires the District to charge students fees for make-up courses, there are a number of scenarios when these fees will be waived. Specifically, CVHS make-up credit course fees will be waived when:

  • A fee waiver for the student has been approved (and recorded in Skyward) at the student’s local high school. This includes waivers approved for students receiving McKinney Vento, Native American, and/or English Language Learning services and support.
  • The local high school principal deems that charging fees to the student would be a barrier to the successful completion of their credit.
  • The student takes CVHS courses in connection with an “Online Learning Lab” period as a part of their regular school schedule.
Before imposing any fees for CVHS course registration, the CVHS Main Office and registration system will verify whether or not fee waiver notices have been recorded in Skyward for the requesting student.

CVHS Original Credit Courses May Require Fees

Although most requests for CVHS original credit will not incur fees, it should be noted that there are circumstances when fees for original credit will apply. Primarily, students will be assessed a $35 per quarter credit fee when registering for original credit above and beyond the student’s full course load (including Summer School access).