Frequently Asked Questions

Who can take classes at CVHS?

Canyons Virtual High School courses are available to Utah High School students enrolled in grades 9-12.

How many credits can I earn through the Canyons Virtual High School? 

Generally, students in the 2015-2016 school year can take up to six (6) credits through the Canyons Virtual High School. These online credits replace six credits students would earn in a traditional high school classroom. However, students who have established a plan with their counselors to graduate early may be able to take more than six credits. Please consult your school counselor for more information.

How much do classes cost?

Canyons Virtual High School classes are free of charge to all Utah High School students who take no more credits in a semester than they would earn by taking a full course load during a regular school day. There may be a summer fee for students accessing online courses during the summer. Additionally, courses taken for credit recovery often come with a $35 fee.

Additional information about course fees and fee waivers can be found here.

I’ve missed some credits in high school. Can I make them up here?

Yes! Canyons Virtual High School courses are designed to replace courses you normally would take at school, even if you are carrying a full course load during the regular school day. Students who choose to complete courses through CVHS may register for up to four (4) credit courses at any one given time. Once any of the four courses have been completed or dropped from the student's scheudle, additional courses may be taken.

How long can I take to finish a course?

Courses taken by CSD students have been designed for students to complete in ten (10) weeks or by the semester break. Students who do not complete a course in that timeframe will have to reregister for the course in order to continue. Fees may apply. Students registered through the Statewide Online Education Program (SOEP) may take as long as they wish - during their high school career, but will be required to reregister for course access at each semester break in order to complete their CVHS courses. Nevertheless, all students are urged to complete the course as soon as they can to receive full instructor support. 

Can I move quickly through the course? 

Yes! Students set their own pace at Canyons Virtual High School.  A student must come in for a proctored final for each quarter credit, as it helps to verify the authenticity of student work.  Your instructor may require students to come in regularly. For more information about proctored tests and locations visit this link.

What if I get stuck and need help? 

Each course has a teacher who is available outside of the usual school hours. Students will hear from these teachers regularly, and may ask their teachers questions or seek assistance through e-mail.   Students are also encouraged to submit a "Help Ticket" for any technical issues they may have. 

How do I sign up?

Talk with your parents; then see your high school counselor. Courses you take need to be a part of your Student Education Occupation Plan (SEOP), and will require the signature of a parent and counselor.  You may also contact CVHS or an online provider directly.

How soon can I start? 

Courses are continually offered.

If enrolling under the SOEP program, then please note that SOEP requires that students sign up for classes no later than the first 10 days of the term, unless the student does not have a full class schedule at his or her high school. Students with less than a full schedule can add online courses at any time. Additionally, students enrolled in a home school can register anytime.

If a course requires a proctored test, where and when can I take that test?

Many of our courses require a final test that is a proctored and in-person test. You will be able to take proctored tests in multiple locations. Proctored tests are offered from 3-6PM and tests must be started by 5PM. You are able to drop in without making an appointment. For more information about proctored tests and locations visit this link.