CVHS Course Catalog (A-Z)

Basic Digital Photography II

CSD Course Code:
  • Q1 - V1091
  • Q2 - V1102 
USOE Course Code:
  • 02010000110

**Student MUST have a digital camera with manual settings.
In today's world, photographs are all around us, including in advertisements, on websites, and hung on our walls as art. Many of the images that we see have been created by professional photographers. In this course, we will examine various aspects of professional photography, including the ethics of the profession, and examine some of the areas in which professional photographers may choose to specialize, like wedding and product photography. We will also learn more about some of the most respected professional photographers in history, and we will learn how to critique photographs in order to better understand what creates an eye-catching photograph. Prerequisite: Basic Digital Photography I.

Minimum equipment requirements for this course are cameras with adjustable Mode settings.

Camera Guide:
Camera Explanation Video:

Credits:  .50