CVHS Course Catalog (A-Z)

Basic Digital Photography

CSD Course Code:
  • Q1 - V1071
  • Q2 - V1082
USOE Course Code:
  •  02010000110

**Student MUST have a digital camera with manual settings.
Have you ever wondered how photographers take such great pictures? Have you tried to take photographs and wondered why they didn't seem to capture that moment that you saw with your eyes? The Digital Photography I course focuses on the basics of photography, including building an understanding of aperture, shutter speed, lighting, and composition to create art. Students will be introduced to the history of photography and basic camera functions. Students will use the basic techniques of composition and camera functions to build a portfolio of images, capturing people, landscapes, close-up, and action photographs.

Minimum equipment requirements for this course are cameras with adjustable Mode settings.

Camera Guide:
Camera Explanation Video:

Credits:  .50