CVHS Course Catalog (A-Z)

Secondary Math II Honors

CSD Course Code:
  • Q1 - V5311h
  • Q2 - V5322h
  • Q3 - V5333h
  • Q4 - V5334h
USOE Course Code:
  •  7080000105

The main focus of Secondary Mathematics II is on quadratic expressions, equations, and functions and comparing their characteristics and behavior to those of linear and exponential relationships.  Extension of the set of rational numbers and real and complex numbers are introduced so that all quadratics equations can be solved.  Students will explore conditional probability and counting methods in making and evaluating decisions.  The study of similarity, Pythagorean relationships, and circles will tie back to quadratics with their quadratic algebraic representations.  The Fundamental Theorem of algebra, along with the additional probability and geometric concepts, will also be studied in the honors class so as to prepare students to take AP Calculus upon successful completion of Secondary III H.

Credits: 1.0 - Approved for the Regents’ Scholarship