CVHS Course Catalog (A-Z)

Physics (With Lab)

CSD Course Code:
  • Q1 - V3311
  • Q2 - V3322
  • Q3 - V3333
  • Q4 - V3344
USOE Course Code:
  •  8060000020

This course addresses concepts of mechanics, wave behavior and thermodynamics, Newton's laws of motion, thermal properties of matter, and thermodynamic systems. Students will learn about electricity, magnetism, optics, interactions among electric charges, properties of electric and magnetic fields and forces, and the characteristics of electromagnetic waves. Some of the basic concepts of quantum physics are presented as well. An understanding of Algebra and Trigonometry is required. Students must be able to attend labs after regular school hours as arranged with instructor.

Credits: 1.0 - Approved for the Regents’ Scholarship