Proctored Tests and Pretests - Location and Test Information

CVHS Testing LocationsAll students must show a photo ID to take a Proctored (Supervised) Final Test. Students may use a school ID, a Driver's license, a Passport, or a Learner’s permit as long as the ID includes a photo.

At the end of each course, students must take proctored tests at any of our proctor locations and must earn at least 60% on the course final assessment (70% for Drivers Ed)  in order to receive a grade for the course. Students who complete the course, score at least 60% on all quizzes, and score at least 60% on the final will receive a letter grade in the course.

Additional Test Information:
  • Pretests and course finals must be taken with an authorized test proctor.
  • Students may take the final proctored test up to 4 times in order to receive a score of 60% or higher (70% for Drivers Ed).  After that point, students must receive teacher intervention/approval to take the test additional times.  Each additional try will require a teacherreset (submit help ticket for test reset and allow 48 hours or be sure to check GradPoint to ensure the test has been reset before going to the testing location).
    Students may retake the final tests, twice per day. Pretests and test out exams can only be taken once.
  • The final test pulls questions from question banks, creating a new test each time the test is taken.
  • Optional: One page (one side) of hand-written notes may be used by students while taking a proctored final. After the test, the notes used (and taken) during testing will be collected by the proctor. (Notes are NOT allowed on Pretests, Test Outs or Drivers Ed finals)

Testing Schedule:  August 28, 2018 - May 31, 2019:
During the traditional school year, proctored tests are offered from 2:30-6 PM and tests must be started by 5 PM. Students are able to test in any of the locations listed below without making an appointment.
  • All CVHS Students are welcome to go to any of the following locations to take a proctored test:
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