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Principal: Kenneth Spurlock
Address:  9361 S. 300 E.
                 Sandy, UT 84070
Phone: (801) 826-5220
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Canyons Virtual High School (CVHS) is a year-round, online program that was established in 2011. CVHS is dedicated to servicing students within the Canyons School District and elsewhere throughout the state of Utah, as a result CVHS is a mixture of students from various high schools and communities with various learning goals and abilities. The Canyons Virtual High School purpose and philosophy is, “To provide personalized, flexible, and engaging online learning opportunities to help students throughout Utah succeed and prepare for college and career.”
  • During the 2016 – 2017 school year Canyons Virtual High School served 4000 students in grades 9 – 12.
  • CVHS does not follow the traditional school calendar. The CVHS school year starts in June and runs through May of the following year.
  • The teacher/pupil ratio is 1:40, but actual class sizes vary.
  • Original Credit, Credit Recovery, Test Out and Honors courses are available to students.
  • The scope and sequence in all CVHS courses mirror that of the courses taught in Canyons School District’s traditional high schools.
  • Core curriculum courses offered through CVHS have been approved by NCAA and Regents
  • All courses require a proctored final exam.
  • Teachers employed with CVHS are current Canyons School District teachers that are teaching the subjects and content areas that they are currently certified and endorsed in.
  • CVHS currently provides services for students that have current IEPs or 504 plans
  • CVHS has an office staff that supports the CVHS purpose, policies, students, parents and teachers.
  • Students currently attending a high school within the Canyons School District work directly with their assigned counselor at their boundary high school.
  • CVHS provides counselor support for students who are home school or attending CVHS from any Utah location outside of Canyons School District boundaries.
  • There is a Special Education Specialist assigned to CVHS to assist in making sure students are receiving the accommodations they need, and that students and parents know what they need to do to make sure those IEP and 504 plans stay active.
  • CVHS students complete an orientation course in which they read and agree to the CVHS Student Code of Conduct, Academic Integrity Policy, and the CSD Acceptable Use Policy.


Art Foundations
Digital Photography 1
Digital Photography 2
Business Communications I
Entrepreneurship for Business
American Problems
Modern Mathematics

Environmental Science

Comparative World Religions
Political Science I 
Political Science II 
Financial Literacy
Introduction to Philosophy
Driver Education 
Computer Technology
Creative Writing
English Language Arts 9
English Language Arts 10
English Language Arts 11
English Language Arts 12
Secondary Math I
Secondary Math II
Secondary Math III
Secondary Math I Honors
Secondary Math II Honors
Secondary Math III Honors
Heath Education II
Lifetime Fitness
PE Participation Skills & Techniques 

 Psychology I
Psychology II
Sociology I
Sociology II
US Government
US History II
World Civilizations II
French I
French II
Spanish I
Spanish II
Spanish III
Earth Systems
Exploring Computer Science

GRADING:  A= 4.0 B= 3.0 C= 2.0 D= 1.0