Online Course Registration

Canyons Virtual High School (CVHS) is a year-round, online program dedicated to serving students within the Canyons School District, and elsewhere throughout the state of Utah. During the 2015-16 school year, students may take up to five (5) full credits of online courses as part of their complete high school schedule, and in 2016-17, up to six (6) credits. In some cases, participating students may be asked to drop one or more traditional courses to “make room” for an online course in the student’s schedule. If you are wanting to get ahead by earning additional credits toward your high school graduation, CVHS can help. Or, if you are attending school in the Canyons School District and have failed a class in your high school, you may take any CVHS class to earn make up credit!

What type of credit do you need? Make Up Credit is credit earned for completing courses taken to "make up" a failed course (credit recovery). Original Credit can be earned for courses taken the first time, or for passed courses repeated in order to improve a student's GPA.

How to Enroll in an Online Course
  1. If you are a student in grades 9 - 12, click this link to fill out our registration form.
  2. For a provider other than Canyons Virtual High School, click this link for a complete list of online providers approved by the USOE's Statewide Online Education Program, choose the provider you want, and follow the directions on how to register. This USOE Online Provider report may also be beneficial in helping you to select a provider.
  3. Once your classes have been approved, you will receive a registration email. Processing time varies from 24 hours to two weeks, depending on student status.
  4. Get started!
Please note that enrollment quantities impact course availability. Courses with fewer than five students enrolled at the beginning of each term may not carry.