Testing Out Options for CVHS Coursework

The Canyons School District has established graduation requirements that use competency-based standards and assessments, and allows students to earn course credit by
(1) demonstrating competency in course standards, and
(2) testing out of the course.

To request the opportunity to demonstrate course competency with CVHS, current Canyons District students should:

  1. Submit a course registration request for CVHS using the CVHS Registration System. Select the desired course and quarter from the registration options provided.
  2. In the "Credit Type" field select "Test Out"  (If Test Out is not present, the course does not have a test out opton.)
  3. Local high school Counseling staff must then approve the course request, just as they do with other CVHS course requests.
  4. The CVHS Office Staff will then enroll the student in the appropriate "Test Out" course containing the necessary assessments.
  5. Parents, students, and teachers are then notified through email of course/assessment access information.
  6. All test out assessments must be proctored. The student plan to take their test at one of our proctored locations and must be completed in one session.
  7. Upon completion, the student will submit a help ticket to notify the teacher that the course assessment has been completed ("Finished Course, Need Grade Submitted").
  8. Assessments must be passed with at least 60% proficiency in order to receive credit and a final grade of "Pass - P" for the course. Please allow two weeks for passing test results to be posted to the transcript.

Additional Important Information

  • Students may attempt to test out of a course no more than one time per school year.
  • Credit earned by test out does not meet requirements for NCAA scholarships.  (Because requirements change frequently, we recommend students check with NCAA for any updated to this rule). 
  • For Canyons District "test out" opportunities for courses not on the list at right, please contact your local high school.