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Proctored Testing

Each CVHS course has one proctored test.  Tests requiring proctoring include the optional test out exams, module tests, and pre-tests. Proctored tests are clearly labeled in each course and required a proctor to enter the password.

The proctored module tests generally occurs somewhere from the middle to near the end of the course. Module tests cover the information in that module/section of the course.  There are some exceptions, such as Driver’s Education, where the test is at the end of the course and is comprehensive, which is required by the State.  Students do not have to wait to take the proctored module test and can simply continue on in their course and take the proctored exam at a later date.

Test Proctoring During COVID-19

CVHS will be providing Virtual testing AND Limited In-Person testing by appointment for those needing to test during the school dismissal. Students need a COMPUTER with a microphone and camera to test VIRTUALLY–no iPads or phones. Testing will begin again with the next session–see the CVHS website for more details. 

CVHS has proctoring at the five Canyon’s District High Schools one day a week as well as one Saturday per month at the Crescent View Building. Proctored tests may be taken at any of our testing locations.

Additional Test Information:

  • Students MUST bring a physical photo ID.  This is standard practice at testing centers.
  • Students MUST take the required proctored test, typically in the middle of the course, to earn credit for the course.
  • Students MUST follow the CSD dress code policy. CVHS may refuse to test, whether in person or virtually, any student whose clothing/attire would violate CSD dress code policy. 
  • Students may take the proctored test two times – no test resets will be allowed.  The highest score will be counted toward the final course grade.
  • Students are encouraged to study between test re-takes.
  • Pretests and Test Out test must be taken with a proctor and may only be taken 1 time per year.
  • Each version of a test is unique by selecting different questions from question banks, which creates a new test each time the test is taken.

For exceptions to the dates and times above due to district and school days off, see the CVHS Calendar.

  If you live more than 35 miles from the nearest testing center, please contact CVHS for information about our new Virtual Proctoring Program.

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