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The Utah Statewide Online Education Program has been designed to allow private and home school students to participate in online learning opportunities provided by public Local Education Agencies (LEAs). As the LEA for Juan Diego Catholic High School, Canyons District supervises some of the online courses provided to Juan Diego High School students, and provides these students with access to Canyons District online educational systems. The following courses offered to Juan Diego students are included in the Statewide Online Education Program:

  • AP Art History
  • Biology
  • Biology Honors
  • College Writing (Concurrent Enrollment)
  • Earth Science
  • Earth Science Honors
  • Economics (Concurrent Enrollment)
  • Geography / Ancient Civilizations
  • Grammar
  • Health
  • Human Biology (Concurrent Enrollment)
  • PE
  • Personal Finance
  • Physics
  • Psychology
  • US History
  • Western Civilization
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