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UPDATE:  2020-21 Incoming Freshmen Registration

Due to COVID-19, we are NOT registering incoming 9th graders until our July 2020 session begins.  Thank you so much for your interest in CVHS, and we look forward to working with you in July!  (see our calendar for July 2020 registration dates).

CSD Adopts New Grading Structure For Final Term of School Year

Canyons District recognizes the “new now” prompted by the COVID-19 pandemic has forced a period of adjustment for families. To ease the minds of students and parents in this time of distance learning, CSD will put into place a modified grading structure for the final term.

The temporary grading schedule was designed so that no student would receive a failing grade for a current class while also providing some feedback about a student’s progress. This will hopefully reduce anxiety about academic standing and progress toward graduation, address equity issues, and support students as they are becoming used to a new way of learning. 

Under the plan that will be used for the final grading period of the 2020 school year:

  • CSD elementary schools will not issue grades, such as the usual 3, 2, 1 system, but parents will receive information about the progress of students. 
  • CSD middle school students will receive A, B, Passing or No Grade grades. 
  • CSD high school students will receive A, B, Passing or Incomplete grades.

At both the middle and high school levels, students who earn 85 to 100  percent in a class would receive an A. Students who earn 70 to 84  percent would qualify to receive a B.  Forty-five to 69  percent would result in a Passing grade.  

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New CVHS Grading Scale

Following the District grading scale, CVHS students will receive A, B, or Passing grades for courses with grades posted in the 4th quarter as follows:

A = 85 to 100%
B = 70 to 84%
P = 45 to 69%

Students earning below 45% will not earn credit.

Competency-based testing (test-out exams) will also be graded on the above scale for passing grades.

To earn credit, CVHS students must:

  • Complete all modules in a course
  • Complete proctored test in a course

NOTE:  Driver’s Ed is an exception which requires a student to earn at least 70% to earn credit and will use the grading scale above (P is not an option).

Students or parents at the high school level who are concerned about scholarships, NCAA eligibility, concurrent enrollment classes, or college admission requirements are encouraged to consult a school counselor or administrator.

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